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Two Dream Busters To Avoid


Fear is the most common dream destroyer and is obviously a negative influence. Remember, you get more of what you focus upon, so whatever you consistently picture on the inside, your mind will do its best to reproduce on the outside. Unless you want to make your fears come true, think of something else.

When you're afraid, the movie you're running in your mind is likely to be a gut-wrenching feature presentation of what you fear. You react to that movie the same way you react to a good horror movie - with sweaty palms, a churning stomach, and a racing heart. Change the movie, and you change your reaction. For example, what would you do if you found yourself watching an unpleasant show on TV? You would change the channel. Right?

When you're afraid of something, you're picturing what can go wrong. If you want to change the channel, picture what can go right. Instead of picturing the worst thing that can happen, picture the best thing that can happen. Instead of picturing the pain, picture the gain. Instead of picturing what you have to lose, picture what you have to win.

When you learn how to change the movie you're watching in your mind, you change your emotional reaction to it. You turn your fear into excitement, your dread into anticipation, your avoidance into action.

Thinking Like A Victim

It's easy to think like a victim. For one thing, it lets you off the hook. When you're not responsible for what happens to you, you can't be expected to do anything about it! When the cards are stacked against you, you have no choice but to fold, so you never have to face the pressure of playing to win. And you never lack for something to do. You can fill every idle moment with the bittersweet memories of your misfortunes. And unfortunately, if this is you, you will never fulfill any of your dreams.

When you think like a victim, you turn yourself from a cause into an effect. Nothing kill's a dream faster. When you choose to blame the world, you choose to give up your power to change it.

It's not what happens to you that matters in life, it's how you choose to react to the things that happen. We are all victims of forces beyond our control. The people who get what they want from life focus on the forces they can control. They choose to live as a cause instead of as an effect.

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