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We Deliver Real Results, Real Return On Your Investment and Real Sales With Real Revenue


Optimizing Success is a Romanian American joint-venture committed to helping businesses learn how to increase revenue via live chat services while increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction, all at the same time. 

We offer sales training, business coaching, managed live chat services, live chat sales training, live chat customer service training and live chat technical support training plus a myriad of other professional business development services. 

Optimizing Success was created to help large and small businesses alike conquer their sales and revenue gaps via sales training, business coaching, live chat sales training, live chat customer support or customer care training, Live chat best practices and metrics, customer satisfaction, website conversions, telephone sales training, online sales training, and customer loyalty, all while lowering costs, increasing revenue and profit.


Most of our success comes from asking the right questions, performing the right research and then applying our proven continuous improvement plans to all aspects of our training programs while working with our clients side by side day by day until success can be measured and achieved.


 With over 33 years of business experience and over 15 years in the live chat arena, we can teach your team all of the above.

We will take time to understand you, your team and your business model and then we will begin our research phase by speaking with both you and your entire team, so we can provide you with a specifically designed solution for your business so you can attain world-class results, in the shortest amount of time possible.

We don't promise miracles, but what we do promise, we deliver on.


Is to use our unique skills, training, and knowledge in collaboration with your team to ensure that we create open and trusted communication and provide an increased return on your investment while improving your client's online experience and overall satisfaction.


We are a team of dedicated problem solvers with a logical and systematic approach to analyzing all aspects of your business to offer you optimized solutions with a clear path to future growth. We have experience in Automotive, Telecom, IT, Technology Startups and SaaS  in North America and Europe.


Optimizing Success core values are commitments, we promise to ourselves, our clients & our local communities


  • Integrity

  • Client first

  • Accountability

  • Build teamwork

  • Fast is the new Strong

  • Innovate or evaporate

  • Like, Trust and Respect

  • To intensely listen & hear

  • Open doors Open minds

  • Improvise Adapt and Overcome

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