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Achieve and Exceed Your Business Goals with one of our Fully Customizable Training Programs.

In today’s Fast-Paced, I want it now world, your customers want information, answers and help now and if you cannot provide them with what they are looking for quickly and efficiently, then your customers are going to do business with someone else. 


Instant gratification is the name of the game in today's fast-paced mobile phone business environment. If you want more sales, better customer satisfaction, and loyal clients then,  Learn to use live chat, follow industry best practices and Train, Train, and Train.

Remember FAST is the new strong!

We Provide Completely Customizable Training Programs Catered To Your Business Goals and The Specific Needs of Your Team.


We offer live chat training worldwide. We focus on best practices,  metrics plus hands-on training methods designed to teach your team how to provide world-class customer service and tech support


We offer live chat sales training worldwide. We focus on best practices,  metrics plus hands-on training methods designed to teach your team how to convert live chats into sales, while increasing customer satisfaction


We offer our clients worldwide managed live chat services. We will provide your business with professional live chat reps for sales and support and if you need a chat widget we can provide that too.

Ask Us About Our Performance-Based Training Programs

Designed To Optimize Every One's Performance, Including Ours!


We offer our clients worldwide customer care training, customer satisfaction training and customer service training. All of our client care training lessons include the mechanics of how to solve the client's problem and take control of the conversation before leaving the live chat.


Our training courses begin with the best practices and end with our team walking through live chats with your team so they can actually see what we are teaching works.


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We offer our clients worldwide sales training, telephone sales training, Sales Management Training, closing techniques, processes, Funnels, Follow Up, best practices, metrics, accountability, customer satisfaction, CRM integration, etiquette, appointment setting and Script Writing for call centers or

Business developpment centers

Our training course lays out the best practices first and builds a strong foundation for your people to begin selling your products. We will walk your team through the sales online.


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We offer our clients worldwide Our Business Coaching Services which can Include the following trainings and can be fully customizable to your executive teams needs. Our Business Coach and trainer offers 30 plus years with startups, small and medium sized businesses and large MultiNational corporations with international experience 

  • Teamwork Training - The importance of the power of "1"

  • Leadership Training

  • Business Coaching

  • Continuous Improvement Training

  • Process Improvement Training

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Ask Us About Our Social Media Management Programs

Designed To Optimize Your Socal Media Performance

online forms.jpg

We offer our clients worldwide a service to convert their terrestrial offline forms into HTML online digital forms for a more secure and efficient data collection with greatly improved workflows and business process automation. We partner with various Online form services to get you the results you need. We can look at your existing forms and the workflows associated with them and show you how to save time, money and optimize efficiency throughout all your departments, offices and locations. With all the Data laws out there today this service is really a no brainer to protect yourself against unwanted liabilities.

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Website Design

We offer our clients worldwide


FREE website design and creation with the purchase of a 1-year maintenance Contract of your new website.  We partner with WIX and provide a user-friendly, secure website with or without eCommerce features. plus with your help, we will come up with original content for your site and provide you with basic SEO setup on your website so you can be found on all the major search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc. Just email us the forms you wish to digitize and we will do the rest.

We can also manage your social media campaigns for you so you dont have to hire a social media manager.


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We offer our clients worldwide our BDC In a Box Service for clients looking to start their own call center or business development centers.


Our BDC in a box includes Business Development Training, scriptwriting, best practices, metrics, business process automation, pay plans, setup and integration so you can increase close rates and client satisfaction. We can even help you find the right furniture and equipment for your call center




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Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retain more customers by providing your customers with the Exceptional experience they deserve.

Providing Quality Sales Training, Professional Business Coaching & Business Development Services  To Businesses

For The Last 35 Years

Turning Website Shoppers Into Buyers One Customer at a Time With Our Professional Training Programs & Business Development Services 

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