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Sales Training

Optimizing Success offers our sales training in all industries, including retail sales, automotive sales, F&I sales, internet sales, and service lane sales


  • Accountability

  • SMART goals

  • Winning Words

  • Power greetings

  • Problem Solving

  • The Presentation

  • Closing Techniques

  • The Demonstration

  • Inside Sales training

  • Outside Sales training

  • How to open the sale

  • How to close the sale

  • Sales Manager training

  • Recognizing Opportunity

  • Business To Business Sales
  • Business To Customer Sales
  • How to Follow up for Renewals
  • Prospecting For The 21st Century
  • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Retention
  • We will map out your entire sales process and provide you with a continuous improvement plan

  • Pay Plans that motivate your sales team to perform in the zone

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Is your sales team struggling to hit their sales targets? 


If they are then, We can help! 


We have been training sales teams for over 25 years now and we can provide your team with the tools they need in their toolboxes to be successful in the digital age of sales.

Your team needs the basics of selling but they also will need some advanced skills to be more successful in today's fast-paced marketplace.

  • They need to know how to Open the Sale

  • They need to know how to Close the Sale

  • They need to know how to overcome objections

  • They need to understand the numbers

  • They need to understand the urgency of selling

  • They need to understand people and motives

  • They need a process but they also need to learn to be a problem solver

  • They need to understand the importance of getting the money from the decision-maker.


Isn't It time YOU commit to investing in training your sales team?

Give them the tools they need to hit their targets and be successful

Give them the training they need to perform better than 90% of the salespeople out there in the marketplace today.

Find out how we can transform your sales team into a championship team of producers!

Online Live Screen Share Training Begins at $100 Per Person*

Onsite Training Begins at $249 Per Person*

Our 30 Day Sales Success program begins at $1500 per person*

*Call for details 

Our Process
  • Our Experts will assess your entire team and processes

  • Identify areas for improvement

  • Identify missed revenue and opportunities

  • Create a plan for success

  • We will insure processes are followed

  • Results are increased

  • Performance is optimized

  • Everyone understands the accountability concept

  • Begin Implementation of a Continuous improvement plan

  • Our Experts will begin implementing your success plan

  • They will spend 85% of their time working with your team, coaching, critiquing and role-playing.

  • Using live screen share technology for coaching and testing

  • Watch your sales increase

  • Get an instant increase of between 10 and 20%

  • Increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention

  • Get reports confirming the optimized results

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