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Mastering Meetings

It Isn’t Easy creating fantastic communication during meetings but here are 8 tips for future success….

1. Promote clear and concise oral & written communication and reinforce what has been said thru hard or soft copy to all people involved.

2. Create an easy to follow format for all meetings

3. Designate a different moderator for each meeting in advance to increase research, participation and sharpen skills.

4. Create a meeting minutes for every meeting and every topic including expectations, responsibilities, deadlines & Critical success factors.

5. All meetings should include a continuous improvement path and you should follow up on the expectations, responsibilities, deadlines & critical success factors communicated in the previous meeting and hold them accountable or praise them for their progress and results.

6. Offer you team an opportunity to share ideas thru open sessions near the end of every meeting

7. Keep Meeting at a minimum no more than ¾ of an hour otherwise split the meeting in segments (unless it is a dedicated meeting and everyone is aware of the longer format).

8. End all meetings on a positive note with a positive thought!

For more tips on Optimizing Success at your business please come visit our website or give us a call in the USA: + 1 321 800 5826 or in the EU:   + 4 073 332 2650

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