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Live Chat Sales Training | Managed Live Chat Services | Customer Service Training

Live Chat Sales Training

Optimizing Success will provide your Live chat team with:


  • Best Practices

  • Improve live chat Etiquette

  • Project professional image

  • Key Metrix to look watch

  • How to convert support questions into sales

  • Good & Bad Chat Language

  • Instant responses for common questions

  • 1 on 1 live practice

  • and much much more

  • Proactive Live Chat

  • Turn every chat into an opportunity

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     Many years ago before computers, telephones, email, and live chat, people had to actually walk into a business or storefront and view your products and inventory or look at your order books to buy your products and services and as the business evolved, so did the technology... First came the telephone and you could call in your order or ask if they had a specific Item in stock, then came email and you would see something on a business’ website and ask questions and gather information before purchasing your product or services, yeah it's hard to believe, isn't it?


Now, I want you to think about this... what do Walking in the store, calling on the telephone and email all have in common?


You aren't anonymous, that's right you are greeted upon entering the store, and on the telephone you give your name but now with the advent of live chat you can shop with complete anonymity until the live chat agent has earned the right to ask for your information, schedule an appointment or ask you to buy something. 


What a concept, I can buy something without being pressured.


Well, Live chat is the way of the future and has already surpassed email in volume as a selling tool.


So, the questions you must ask yourself are... why am I not utilizing this tool on a daily basis, at least during business hours?  


Would you leave your business telephone unanswered during business hours?

Would you let walk-in clients roam your business and never be able to ask a question because you don't want the expense of a cashier, training, and insurances?


So, why would you leave a revenue producing tool like your website unattended? THINK ABOUT IT!

Let’s Look At The Benefits Of Professionally Trained Live Chat Agents


  • Reduces your expenses

  • Increase your online and e-commerce sales

  • Help you Improve customer service and loyalty

  • Help you discover customer pain points

  • Help clients solve their problems faster

  • Customer convenience they love the anonymity

  • Gives you a competitive advantages

  • Expands your market reach

  • Gives you a proactive outreach

  • Provides you with better reports, analytics, and insights

  • Prevents cart abandonment and increases conversion rates

  • Makes your business easy to approach

  • Reduces call volumes

  • Reduces Chat Wait times / better response times

  • Enriches your CRM data

  • Helps you manage busy periods better

  • Helps Build long term client relationships

  • Increase your customer satisfaction

It's time to take your website, customer service and online sales to the next level.

Call us now and we can have a live chat widget and professionally trained live chat agents on your website in just a few days!

Fact or Fiction

Experienced Live Chat Customer Service, Client Care, Tech Support And Live Chat Sales Agents Don’t Need Training.

Answer: Fiction

Experienced Live Chat Customer Service, Client Care, Tech Support and Live Chat Sales Agents are the people who can benefit the most from our live chat training.

Think about this, even Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has a coach.

It’s not that he needs to be taught how to be a great quarterback, but a coach can share additional insights with him to help him become the best he can be. The coach has a different vantage point from the sidelines and his coaches see another from the skyboxes, while Tom has only the view on the field.

Tom trains every single day and practices with his team, when they practice, but to get to the top and stay on top of the live chat sales and customer service industry, you must implement a continuous improvement process for your live chat agents and this won’t happen without a solid plan for individual training, coaching, self-evaluation, and self-improvement.

Fact or Fiction

Live Chat Sales And Customer Service Training Doesn’t Provide Any Lasting Benefits.

Answer: Fiction

Live chat training and live chat sales training, if done properly, will increase sales, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and bring you more return on your investment.

All of these factors can be monitored by the live chat widget you use and can bring month over month sales increases and revenue growth if you provide your team with a professional live chat training program. 

The only reason, someone doesn’t train their live chat agents is because they fail to see the benefit of providing their live chat agents with some training, however, If everyone saw the sales they were missing, everybody would be implementing a live chat widget and training their live chat agents.

Recently we were involved with a small startup and we increased sales year over year by 50% for 5 years consecutively.


Fact or Fiction

You Can See An Immediate Result For Implementing Live Chat Training And Live Chat Sales Training With Your Agents.

Answer: Fact

If a live chat training program were to fail it would be because, nobody properly monitored the program after the training program was implemented or nobody set up specific, measurable performance goals and best practice standards, to monitor each agent's progress.

If you monitor the specific needs and objectives, that are established at the beginning of the live chat training then the results will be measurable immediately.

By performing a pre and post training test you will have a good idea of where you started and where you finished. 
You should measure all sales achieved as a result of our live chat training, minus the cost of the training. Please don’t guess the effectiveness of this training program. Measure it and continue measuring it and watch your business grow.


Fact or Fiction

Great Live Chat Customer Service And Or Sales Training, Is Just A Matter Of Motivating Your People.

Answer: Fiction

Motivation isn’t the same thing as live chat sales or customer service training.

Yes, motivating your people is an important aspect of any team however there is no substitute for professional live chat training for both your sales and customer service chat agents.  Keep in mind professional live chat training means happier clients, more sales, better closing techniques, better problem-solving skills, and clients feel the difference.  Meanwhile, motivation equates to happier more engaged employees, they are very different types of training.

Motivation training will not give you long term increases but live chat training can because closing more sales gives them more confidence and with confidence comes real motivation to do a great job and hit their goals and possibly increase their pay.

The fact is no business owner or manager should worry about investing a little in their people and get them the live chat training necessary to be successful at their job, thus increasing revenue, satisfaction and loyalty.

To get huge revenue growth, our live chat sales or customer service training is a must.

Online Live Screen Share Training Begins at $100 Per Person*

Onsite Training Begins at $249 Per Person*

Our 30 Day hands-on Live Chat Sales Success program begins at $1500 per person*

*Call for details 

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