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Live Chat Training

Optimizing Success will provide you with:


  • Live chat training

  • Live chat etiquette  

  • Live chat best practices

  • How to Identify Personas

  • How to improve CSI scores

  • Use TOMA to train your team

  • Why Live Chat works so well

  • How to take control of the chat

  • Design Individual and team goals for customer satisfaction

  • Accountability for results

  • Problem Solving Exercises

  • Improve email follow ups

  • Improve Answer times

  • How to Satisfy angry clients

Call us now for more details.

Live chat will become the #1 website communication technology used to connect buyers with sellers in the next 2 to 3 years and the questions you must ask yourself are:


  • Can I afford not to invest now, in live chat, managed live chat services and or live chat sales training, when it's so important to your growth?

  • Would I leave my phone unanswered in today's competitive market? 

  • Then why would I leave my live chat customers without a way to communicate with me, when over 60% of my website visitors are using smartphones and they want to use live chat and stay anonymous?

  • Live Chat Sales Reps need Specialized Training Just Like Call Center Reps Need Specialized Telephone Training.

Here are some statistics from recent research that demonstrates how live chat directly contributes to increased sales, reputation, and retention rates.

  • 50% of visitors are more likely to purchase from a website with live chat

  • 30% of visitors are more likely to purchase from a website with the live chat option even if they don’t use it

  • 40% of online users trust a brand more if it offers live chat

  • 50% of visitors are more likely to return to a website offering live chat

  • 55% of visitors are more likely to repurchase from a company that offers live chat support

  • The Average website conversion is usually between 2 and 2.8%

  • Our Best chat agents sell 15 to 25% of everyone they chat with, do the math!

The fact is no business owner or manager should worry about investing a little in their people to get them the live chat training necessary to be successful at their job, thus increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, receiving better online reviews, and less abandoned carts with lower bounce rates.

Online Live Screen Share Training Begins at $100 Per Person*

Onsite Training Begins at $249 Per Person*

Our 30 Day hands-on Live Chat Success program begins at $1500 per person*

*Call for details 

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