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Managed Live Chat Services | Customer Service Training |Live Chat Sales Training

Managed Live Chat Services

Optimizing Success will provide you with:


  • Professionally trained Live chat agents for your website

  • Our Live chat agents will have a minimum of 4 years high volume live chat sales and customer service experience.

  • During your business hours

  • Or we can offer you 24/7 Managed live Chat services after discussing your needs

  • Client care live chat

  • Tech Support Live Chat

  • Customer service live chat

  • Sales and support live chat

  • Weekly and monthly reports

  • Insights on how to improve Conversion and which tools to use on your website

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The benefits of our managed live chat services are that you are outsourcing your live chat which is a huge advantage if you want to try to implement live chat on your website but would like to see some results before investing in new hires, training, and taxes.

Our managed live chat service equates to lower costs for your business because you don’t have the cost of hiring new employees, paying them or training them. We pay them, no insurance costs, no workers comp, better training, no sick days, get the picture yet.

If you choose to use our managed live chat services we offer live chat agents with high volume capabilities and with a little training on your products and services our professionally trained live chat agents can take as many as 8 live chat conversations at once and find the buyers and get them to sign up and pay for your services while your clients are still online with our agents.


Keep in mind if you aren’t training your live chat agents before allowing them to answer live chat conversations, it can be disastrous for your customer satisfaction ratings and your employee morale. 

Last but not least please don’t try to use your sales reps or telephone sales agents to answer live chats, or try to rotate untrained people to fill in on live chat because your live chat agents need to be dedicated and professionally trained, live chat agents focusing only on their success as a live chat agent, increasing sales, customer satisfaction, loyalty and ROI

It's time to take your website, customer service and online sales to the next level.

Call us now and we can have a live chat widget and professionally trained live chat agents on your website in just a few days!


Fact #1 customers who use online live chat for sales and support are 3 to 5 times more likely to make a purchase from your website, just because you offer your clients an easy way to talk to someone with live chat, however you should beware that it is a proven fact people do not like the so-called intelligent chatbots that are not manned by real people, the so-called robots of chat.

To get huge revenue growth, without the expense of more employees, our Managed Live Chat Services are a must.

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