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What is Entrepreneurial Success?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

What Is Entrepreneurial Success?

Being a successful entrepreneur is not about how much money we make, how many cars in the garage or how many homes we own, but what I would like to believe is that it’s about how many people we have positively impacted through our success. The word (Success) has no meaning unless we are positively impacting people’s lives & doing things which have never been done before.

If we want to impact hundreds, thousands or even millions of people’s lives positively, then we have to begin doing things a little bit differently, we must start looking at solutions instead of problems. This being said, it’s our duty, obligation and responsibility to share our success with other people in a positive light and help others fulfill their dreams along the way.

I also believe that an entrepreneur is not a person who starts a company and has overnight success… but instead, it’s about being a person who can actually solve problems... It’s about leadership, coaching, execution and persistence… It’s about winning!

In my eyes a person who only see's problems will probably not become a successful entrepreneur, However the person who see’s problems, finds solutions, takes action and positively impacts the world around them, now that’s a successful entrepreneur!

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