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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Live Chat

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

The best thing you can do is make sure you use only dedicated live chat agents for your website and here is why I say that.

Dedicated live chat agents focus better and with some training will usually close as much as 50% more leads than a live chat agent that is performing other tasks, like answering inbound calls and office duties.

Dedicated Live chat agents will increase your ROI and definitely bring you better customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

So let’s look at some best practices and Do’s and Don’ts.

The Do’s

➢ Answer fast - Don't keep your customer waiting

➢ Answer all chats

➢ Provide a proper introduction

➢ Be friendly and cheerful

➢ Keep the chat positive

➢ End On A High Note

➢ Use a Typing Indicator

➢ Be Caring, Empathetic, Patient and understanding

➢ Use personal touch / get their Name via chat widget

➢ Ask relevant questions and clarify

➢ Read carefully and make sure you fully understand what your customer is asking.

➢ Be professional

➢ Try to keep it on 1 topic at a time (Solve the problem and next topic)

➢ Know your product and services

➢ Know your competition

➢ Check and double check before sending response, grammar, spelling, and use of language

➢ Be a problem solver

➢ Always be honest

➢ Give them time line when return and 2nd if needed, always checking in with them so they don’t drop.

➢ Always close properly… is there anything else

➢ Send small bursts of information quickly

➢ Imagine you are face to face with clients

➢ Rather than tell them where, take them there

➢ Walk them through your explanation

➢ Help 1st sell 2nd

Now let's Look at the Don'ts

The Don’ts

➢ Interrupt your customers/just like telephone

➢ Make lots of transfers between agents

➢ Keep your visitor waiting for answers

➢ Use emoticons unless customers open the door

➢ Rush your customers take time and help them

➢ Rely on just canned replies personalize them

➢ Have limited live chat hours

➢ Hide the live chat function

➢ Be a lazy chat agent

➢ Be negative

➢ Be too casual there is a fine line here!

➢ Use text talk… lol roflmao brb etc.

➢ Be a robot

➢ Create multiple conversations in a chat

➢ Don’t use one word responses if possible

By applying these best practices you will improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and ROI

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