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Live Chat As An Impact Point!

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Let's take a look at the impact points in your business.

First let me explain impact points are the points in your business where the customer first forms an opinion about your business and whether they would buy your products or services, furthermore most businesses have several critical points as laid out below.

1. Walk in Traffic -The front door, lobby or showroom.

2. The Telephone- People calling in and asking questions

3. The Internet- research, reviews, etc

4. Live chat on your website- People researching before their purchase

5. Email requests- again people searching for answers

Research says face to face meetings are still the most effective because of body language, voice inflection, eye to eye contact etc., the telephone comes next and live chat has now moved into the 3rd most effective way to make a positive impact on your customers and win them over.

Keep in mind 60 - 80% of all customers are using smartphones and 60% of all internet traffic say they would purchase products via the internet and live chat from their mobile devices, if the site offers live chat services for questions before and after the sale.

Isn't it time you invested in a live chat widget, some live chat training for your designated live chat agent, all while increasing your sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

For a free consultation on which live chat service or widget you should use and how many live chat agents you will need to optimize your online customer care, plus which live chat training programs work best for your specific scenario. Come visit us at

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