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Improvise Adapt & Overcome

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I learned a philosophy back when I was in the United States Marine Corp, which includes the 3 words below.

Improvise - Sometimes you must improvise to get the job done just like many Ceo's and leaders break the mold by improvising; you must be able to think on your feet and think quickly otherwise you will miss your window of opportunity.

Adapt - I have also seen people and companies go broke because they couldn't adapt quickly and efficiently; no matter what the circumstance you must be agile and must be able to adapt to conditions and change directions and gears, in a moment's time. People that aren’t flexible go the way of the dinosaurs and we all know what happened to them, Yes they are EXTINCT.

Overcome - You must know how to overcome adversity in everything you do, if you don't think it can happen then you must make it happen for your own peace of mind and to prove to yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to do.

These three words can make you or break you, now let that sink in a bit.

George M. Etheridge – #SemperFi #Improvise #Adapt #Overcome

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