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The Evolution Of Business With Live Chat

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Many years ago before computers, telephones, email and live chat people had to actually walk into a business or store front and view your inventory and look at your order books to buy your products and services and as businesses evolved, so did the technology... First came the telephone and you could call in your order or ask if they had a specific Item in stock, then came email and you would see something on a businesses website and ask questions and gather information before purchasing your product or services, yeah it's hard to believe isn't it. Now I want you to think about it what do Walking in the store, calling on the telephone and email all have in common? You aren't anonymous, that's right you are greeted upon entering the store, and on the telephone you give your name but now with the advent of live chat you can shop with complete anonymity until the live chat representative has earned the right to ask for your information, schedule an appointment or ask you to buy something, what a concept I can buy without being pressured. Well Live chat is the way of the future and is already surpassed email in volume as a selling tool. So the questions you must ask yourself is... why am I not utilizing this tool on a daily basis at least during business hours? Would I leave my business telephone unanswered during business hours? So why would you leave a revenue producing tool like your website unattended?

Lets look at the benefits of live chat

1. Better response times for your customers

2. Perception you are customer service oriented

3. Over 60% of your clients will use live chat / website visitor engagement

4. Sales and customer service can be 24/7 just like your website / Higher conversion rates

5.Managed live chat equals lower cost because we pay them not you, no insurance, no workers comp, better training, no sick days, get the picture yet.

If you do not have live chat or hiring a company like Optimizing Success to manage your live chat then don't you think it's about time to take your website and customer service to the next level?

For more on live chat come visit us at

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